Our Process

Crushing Services

Sorting of Incoming Materials

The workers will typically need to sort out all the incoming plastic materials which are in different forms and shapes into proper categories especially PC/ ABS/ HIPS / PS/ PP / PA /PMMA / POM / HDPE / LDPE . Workers also need to carefully sort out the incoming materials into type of color despite the same type.


Worker will clean these incoming materials with specific detergent before drying.


Upon cleaning , the workers will start to put the plastic material into specific machines by batch according to production schedules and types. The output will be the standard size as required by customers before packing.

Quality Control & Packing

The outgoing quality control personnel will first sampling check the finished goods prior to the packaging. Upon which , the packed materials will be store in the warehouse awaiting customer to pick up according to the batch system.

Recycle Of Plastic Materials

Into Resin

Workers will start to sort the incoming materials which are in crush form by the various type of material just to ensure the originally of these products. Any wrongful classification will affect the quality of final product.

Checking of Incoming Materials

Upon which the materials will be sent into the machines for recycles.


The output from above products are done subsequent to the completion of the recycle. The distinct market edge the company’s end products have is in the pricing and business relationship with customers. The pricing is usually very competitive and can be as low as 25% to 35% of the market competitor. Its certainly has the relationship with how Mr. Poh vast experiences in running the production line and cost control. Besides providing the competitive price, their end products have always superior in quality. The management monitors the production quality closely to ensure a smooth ow of market demand. The Company’s customer lists are ranging from resellers , plastic moulding factory to public listed plastic mould house.