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Also specialized in compounding color and pelletizing plastic raw material. We provide a solution for many type of recycled plastic resin & virgin raw material such as PC, PC+ABS, ABS, PMMA, PP, PS, LDPE, HDPE, PA and many more to process technologies & engineering capabilities to create benefits for customer and also a solutions for Injection Molding line.


Offering product quality, competitive pricing and committed delivery though exceptional customer services. We has supplied many of factories in Malaysia, China, Taiwan, India, Korea & etc.

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Tai Hong Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd is one of the leading plastic recycling service company in Malaysia. With the rising costs of petroleum, plastic scrap recycling saves natural resources and reduces production costs. The benefits of recycling plastic includes a reduction in the emission of greenhouse gases. In other words, greenhouse gases are emitted while burning petroleum, and if the amount of petroleum used in making plastic is reduced through recycling, the emission of these gases will also reduce. Recycling plastic products also keeps them out of landfills and allows the plastics to be reused in manufacturing new products. 

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Crushing Services

Recycle Of Plastic Materials Into Resin

Crushing Services

Recycle Of Plastic Materials Into Resin

Crushing Services

Recycle Of Plastic Materials Into Resin

Crushing Services

Hips plastic resin Malaysia, also known as High Impact Polystyrene, is a versatile thermoplastic polymer commonly used in various industries for its excellent impact resistance, rigidity, and affordability. Produced in Malaysia, this resin is derived from styrene monomers through polymerization processes. Its properties make it suitable for applications such as packaging, consumer goods, electronics, automotive components, and construction materials. Hips plastic resin Malaysia is often chosen for its ability to be easily moulded into intricate shapes, making it a preferred material for manufacturing diverse products across different sectors.

1. What is HIPS plastic resin Malaysia used for?

Being one of the most widely manufactured polymers, HIPS plastic resin in Malaysia has a glass-like texture. Therefore, it is used for various goods such as yogurt containers, plastic cutlery, salad bowls, refrigerator lining, medical industry trays, and electrical insulation. Furthermore, HIPS sheets are relatively inexpensive and suit application requirements such as cheap cost, machinability, ease of thermoforming and printing, and are entirely recyclable.

2. What is the difference between HIPS plastic resin Malaysia and polystyrene?

Each has distinct characteristics that should be evaluated before determining which is appropriate for your project and end-user. HIPS plastic resin Malaysia is a polystyrene resin commonly utilized in low-temperature applications. HIPS, as the name implies, has a high impact strength and solid dimensional stability. HIPS is simple to thermoform and may be printed with inks such as digital, screen, flexo, and litho. On the other hand, polystyrene is the least expensive of the two polystyrenes. Polystyrene, on the other hand, is brittle and has lower impact strength and dimensional stability than HIPS.

3. What is your speciality?

Tai Hong Plastic Industries is a fully integrated plastic recycling company in Malaysia that collects used plastic resins and converts them into manufacturable materials that are as good as new. We are continually searching for better ways to optimize plastic so that it does not wind up in the seas or landfills.

4. What are plastic resins?

Plastic resin is also known as polyethene terephthalate, is used to make products like soft drink bottles, bottles, and waste containers. As the top plastic resin supplier in Penang, we will reprocess recycled plastic materials into resin and supply it to our clients.