Recycle and non-recycle

Recycle and non-recycle

People nowadays are creating more and more rubbish everyday. With the increasing amount of rubbish created everyday, the topic of recycling has become more and more popular. Every country is now trying to decrease waste and do more recycling. Japan is one of the countries that is doing a great job in recycling. There is even one remote village in Japan that has managed to reduce waste and supports recycling for almost 20 years! The residents of the village called Kamikatsu have spent almost 20 years reusing, recycling and reducing. Not even the Covid-19 pandemic has stopped their effort in reducing waste and supporting recycling.


Many people believe that all plastic is recyclable, but that is not the case. The truth is that not all plastic is recyclable. And not all plastic has the same recycling value. There are 7 types of plastic according to Resin Identification Codes (RIC) which are PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, PP, PS and PLA. PET is the highest on the list indicating its highest value of recycling while PLA is the weakest. In Penang, there are also companies that are recycling plastic into plastic resin as well. One of the plastic resin manufacturers in Malaysia is Tai Hong Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd. We specialized in trading in both virgin and recycled plastic resin, compounding color and pelletizing plastic raw material. We are not just a plastic resin manufacturer but also a plastic resin supplier in Malaysia. So, what is plastic resin? Plastic resins aren’t actually just a material, but a family of materials that can be formed to make plastic application.


In Tai Hong, we have the crushing services and the plastic resin manufacturing services. In the crushing services, we have 4 main steps to cover which are sorting the materials, cleaning, crushing and quality control and packing. In the first step which is sorting of incoming materials, our hardworking workers will have to sort out all the plastic materials which come in all sorts of shapes and forms into their respective categories such as PC/ABS/HIPS. At the same time, workers also have to sort the materials into the types of color even though they are of the same type. Next, the workers will begin to clean all those materials with specific detergent before drying just after they finish sorting the materials. Once the cleaning process is done, next comes the star of the show, the crushing part. In this stage, workers will place the sorted materials into machines batch by batch. The outgoing quality control personnel will then check the goods and send them to packing and await the customers to pick up the goods.


Our company is a recycled plastic resin manufacturer, so it is very obvious that our company has plastic resin manufacturing services. Unlike the crushing service which has 4 steps, our manufacturing service has 3 main steps. The 3 main steps are checking the incoming materials, recycling and packing. In the first stage, workers will sort and at the same time check the incoming materials which come in different types of material to make sure of the origin of these materials. In this step, all workers paid close attention to the details as any missteps will result in the quality of the final products dropping. After all materials have been sorted out carefully, workers will begin the recycle sequence. The materials will be sent to the recycle machines depending on its types. Once it is done, the packaging team will take over and handle the rest.


As a plastic resin manufacturer, our company had produced a variety of plastic resins to select from. There are a total of 4 plastic resin types to choose from which are HIPS, ABS, PC and PP. All of our products are listed on our website, and if interested, clients are encouraged to visit our website and then contact us.